Bangladesh Mission to Italy Honors Major Remittances Senders

Bangladesh Expats Sent $ 21,752.27 Million in 2020

Bangladeshi Ambassador to Italy Md Shameem Ahsan expressed gratitude to the remittances senders, acknowledging the significant contribution made by the Bangladesh diaspora to boost the economy in his country.

He was speaking as the guest of honor at a reception held in honor of six expatriate Bangladeshi nationals and a business organization with the “Remittance Award” on the occasion of “International Migrants Day -2021 ”.

Expats from Bangladesh sent $ 21,752.27 million in 2020, with Saudi Arabia topping the list with $ 5,128.48 million, followed by the United States with $ 2,952.98 million, the Arab Emirates United with $ 2,507.64 million, the United Kingdom with $ 1,649.07 million, Kuwait $ 1,569.14 million and Italy with $ 712.43 million.

While the government grants 2% incentives to remittance senders, Bangladesh’s envoy to Italy urged Bangladeshi expats to send their hard-earned money through official channels.

He also said that the current government under the leadership of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is an expatriate-friendly government, while highlighting the main actions taken by the government in the context of this year’s theme of the day.

He added that during the Covid-19 pandemic, large numbers of Bangladeshi nationals stranded in different countries were brought back to the country and the government provided financial assistance to expatriates facing severe hardship of job loss.

The embassy has been working hard to resolve passport issues and improve service delivery, the ambassador added.

Held in a house in Bangladesh on Monday, the Bangladeshi envoy presented the awards to major remittances senders to Bangladesh from Italy between July 2020 and June 2021.

At the start of the discussion session, Md Arfanul Hoque, Counselor (Social Assistance) of the Embassy, ​​made a presentation on various activities undertaken by the government for the protection of the rights of expatriates for their well-being and to encourage the sending more funds through legal channels and also on the role of the embassy in this regard.

The 2021 laureates in the “individual (male) category” are: Mohammad Jahangir Farazy, Kartic Chandra Ghosh, Shahajalal Milon, Raihan Mohammad Uddin Rassel, and in the “individual (female) category Habiba Kabir and Mehenas Tabbasum. Bangla SRL won the award in the “organization category”.

The Bangladeshi Embassy in Rome launched the ‘Remittance Award’ in 2019 to encourage and promote remittances to Bangladesh through legal channels.

International Migrants Day, which falls on December 18, could not be organized on the designated day due to unavoidable circumstances.

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