Cameroon: IRIC – Students in a hurry to mitigate environmental challenges

It was at the official start of those for International Cooperation, Humanitarian Action and Sustainable Development on December 7, 2021.

Masters students from the Cameroon Institute of International Relations (IRIC) specializing in the field of international cooperation, human action and sustainable development, have been invited to contribute to Africa’s quota in the protection of environment and reduce the effects of global alert.

IRIC director Daniel Urbain Ndongo urged the students as he presided over the official start of the academic year for them on December 7, 2021. Called the “Environmental action in international relations” lot, the area is the result of cooperation links between Cameroon. and Italy. The Italian Ambassador to Cameroon, Filippo Scammaca Del Murgo delivered an inaugural conference on “the objectives of sustainable development and the new perspectives of Italian cooperation”.

In his statement to the students, the Director urged the 12th promotion of knowledge acquisition students to influence public debates on decentralization and human action, integrate aspects of gender equality for the emergence of Cameroon, contribute to the achievement of the National Development Strategy 2030. and promote the concept of living together.

“In an attempt to promote international cooperation in a decentralized context, these students are trained with leadership skills to improve the living conditions of citizens and countries are in a process of perpetual transformation,” he said, noting that those trained will reflect the dynamism of the changing world order. Studies are carried out on campus and virtually with training focused on three main areas of humanitarian action, decentralized cooperation and environmental management.

The Italian Ambassador in his conference said that his country is working towards the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals in Italy and supports its partner countries like Cameroon in the same way. Italy, he noted, collaborates with Cameroon in several aspects, including health, education, civil society organizations, regional cooperation and private sector cooperation to fight unemployment.

The stake of Italian cooperation, said the ambassador, is to meet global challenges such as the Covid-19 pandemic which has had a negative impact on the economy of Italy as evidenced by the death rate. Global warming, food insecurity, migration, peace and stability are aspects the diplomat said they should focus on on a more auspicious world.

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