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As we all know, the reason for the increase in flour prices by NFM and the increase in the prices of flour products by Kiss Baking Company, the double vendors, the pastry and shark vendors and the vendors of pies and cakes, etc., is the money.

However, the “real reason” is to make “a pound and a crown”, or sky-high profits, on the heads of hapless consumers who have no other alternative.

A long time ago we saw suppliers competing with each other and trying to sell for a lower price. Nowadays, they just write the given price on a cutout cardboard and sit with a smirk on their face, as if to say, “Buy at this price, you won’t find it cheaper anywhere else”.

As a former market seller, I welcomed the competition because a profit of $ 2 per book on 200 books of sales is $ 400; while the profit of $ 5 on 30 books of sales is only $ 150. In economics, this concept is called elasticity of demand and supply, which can be manipulated to the advantage of savvy entrepreneurs.

Now back to the flour problem. My wife, kids and I all bake bread, doubles, pies, pholouria and bake at home. However, ours are much tastier than those from the street vendors.

NFM’s quotation on the retail price of a two-kilogram packet of ibis meal is $ 12.50, which will increase 17% to $ 14.63 in 2022. This two-kilogram packet can give 40 hops, 50 doubles, 40 pies, 100 pholourie or 25 pastries, two or three; experience for yourself and see.

I used this little package to simplify the numbers. However, at wholesale prices, costs can be reduced by up to 50 percent.

In this small scale, the prices for baking powder, yeast, fat, channa and seasonings are minimal, and the frying oil is reused. You don’t throw away a pan of oil after frying a batch of bake, bara or pholourie, do you?

Also, the prices of these ingredients won’t go up on January 3rd, will they? Now you check the selling prices and calculate the profit that can be made on this small scale.

I have no problem with business entities earning profit for their hard work, innovations, products and services provided. However, I have a problem with unscrupulous people and organizations monopolizing and manipulating the market, and making huge profits under the pretext of “feeding the nation”.

We hear all the farmers and farming companies screaming that they all provide food for our nation. However, we don’t hear them screaming that they charge $ 50 a pound for goat meat, $ 35 a pound for beef, $ 100 for two medium-sized chickens, $ 25 a pound for medium tomatoes, $ 3. for a hot pepper or $ 7 for a large lemon peel.

Remember, these are local products; No freight charges or import duties are incurred. My parents were ranchers, so I know what I’m talking about. Or are modern farmers now paying transportation costs and taxes on the grass and water consumed by cows, goats and sheep?

Finally, from Monday, if the people bought only the cheapest brands of flour and boycotted the more expensive brands, as well as the flour products at inflated prices, I guarantee that the glut of these products which will cause companies to lower their prices by February.

It must be a collective effort on the part of consumers in our country, but unfortunately due to divisions and prejudices among citizens I do not see this happening and unfortunately the profit margins will only increase.

Indar dhaniram

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