GIBXSWAP institutes GIBX POB (Proof of Burn) mechanism to increase its value and establish more support for users

SYDNEY, Australia, December 06, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – GIBXSWAP is proud to announce that our brand new GIBX POB (proof of burn) 2.0 was released on November 11. The GIBX POB (Burn Proof) 2.0 will not have any interruptions in mining and withdrawal as the new contract is mined by the new mining machinery order from SAE Meta Global Inc of the United States.

Newest GIBX POB Mechanism (Burn Proof) 2.0
Black hole etching demonstrates that dual currency GIBX POB (Burn Proof) mining is our exchange’s third policy. The goal is to increase the value of our flagship token, GUSDT. Indeed, GIBX POB (proof of burn) destroys one currency to obtain another. The burnt currency will be sent into the black hole and never return to the market, reducing the total supply of that currency. When demand exceeds supply, prices go up. This method is used to increase the price of our GUSDT.

Users can use GIBX POB (proof of engraving) to burn GUSDT to mine some of the most popular currencies in the market. GIBX POB (proof of burn) is currently our best-selling platform. That said, the destruction of the coins permanently removes them from circulation and reduces the total supply on the GIBX POB (proof of burn) mechanism. This is due to two important factors.

First, by reducing circulation in the digital asset market, the goal of increasing the value of digital assets is achieved through the GIBX POB (proof of burn) mechanism. This is due to the limited supply of most digital assets. For example, the number of Bitcoins in circulation is 21 million. If 1 million Bitcoins are destroyed today and the market demand for Bitcoin remains unchanged, circulation in the Bitcoin market will decrease. This will increase the price of Bitcoin, which is determined by the relationship between supply and demand. Specific projects will reduce the number of tokens in circulation on the market by destroying them via the GIBX POB (proof of burn) mechanism, thus increasing the value of the tokens. Binance and Huobi, for example, will regularly destroy some of the platform’s coins.

Second, for digital currencies that use the GIBX POB (proof of engraving) mechanism, destruction of coins can enhance newly issued digital assets. The GIBX POB (proof of burn) mechanism demonstrates the user’s investment in the network by destroying the encrypted digital currency to obtain the right to “mine” and verify the transaction. The more computing power you have, the more you burn. In other words, coin destruction is an investment method to obtain newly issued tokens under the GIBX POB (burn proof) mechanism.

A new withdrawal system by GIBXSWAP
GIBXSWAP has developed a new withdrawal system to comply with national policies. All user funds are under the protection of the company and the regulatory office, and the company ensures that members’ funds are fully secure. The time is T + 5, and users who participate in GIBX POB (proof of burn) 2.0 mining contracts will be fully withdrawn.

All participating GIBX POB (proof of burn) 2.0 mining contracts will be calculated. The withdrawal amount will also be calculated on each payment day and payment will be made until the end of the 90 day contract. That said, the member’s release quota will be based on the user’s added traffic and the corresponding quota for participation in GIBX POB (proof of burn) 2.0. The new GIBX POB (proof of burn) 2.0 withdrawal system is intended to protect the company’s tight liquidity funds and the safety of members’ funds.

In addition, from November 11, all participating new exchange performances will receive 5% of the total of the new foreign exchange principal on each loan day to calculate the payment and withdrawal.

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GIBXSWAP is a multinational technology company. GIBXSWAP is powered by proof of combustion (PoB), a blockchain consensus mechanism with minimal power consumption. When trading global currencies, digital assets, precious metals, energy, indices and other hedging transactions, GIBXSWAP provides an institutional quality experience. Our platform acts as a portal that connects the worlds of digital assets and finance for investors and traders.


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