IPBC Global set to return as an in-person event in 2021


After a year of covid-induced hiatus, plans to host IPBC Global as a physical event in 2021 are in full swing. The convention will be held at the Hyatt Regency in Seattle from 14e to 16e November and will once again bring together global IP business leaders with a selection of cutting-edge sessions, as well as unprecedented networking opportunities.

By working with a dedicated team of highly respected intellectual property decision makers, I AM completely reworked the scope and form of the event’s program to ensure it focuses on the issues that really matter and to allow for more in-depth discussions on key topics. Many thanks to the members of our Advisory Board for all their suggestions and comments:

  • Gillian Thackray, Vice President and Chief Intellectual Property Advisor, Thermo Fisher Scientific
  • Andreas Iwerbäck, Director, Group Technology and IP Intelligence, Husqvarna Group
  • Charles Clark, Director, PI, Centrica
  • Jennifer H Burdman, Vice President, Chief, PI, Valo Health
  • Raymond Hegarty, CEO, IntaVal
  • Eeva Hakoranta, Director of Licensing, InterDigital
  • Dan McCurdy, CEO, RPX
  • Judy Yee, Assistant General Counsel, Patents, Microsoft
  • Laura Gisler, Chief, PI, Polestar
  • Monica Magnusson, Vice President, Intellectual Property Policy, Ericsson
  • Jako Eleveld, Head of IP Licensing, Philips
  • Bill LaFontaine, Managing Director, IP, IBM

Among the particularities of IPBC 2021:

  • IPBC round tables and think tanks: Pre-register for informal interactive small group networking discussions allowing for the exchange of ideas, best practices and experiences in a number of thematic areas.
  • Focus on networking: After an 18-month gap, We are expanding networking opportunities to give delegates more time to reconnect with old contacts in person and make new ones.
  • Lessons on the Intellectual Property Leadership Forum: Heard from I AMMarket makers, Intellectual Property Hall of Fame inductees and Academy members on how they built their careers and learned to lead teams to success, and the lessons they learned from the pandemic of covid-19, the future of IP value creation and the recruitment and retention of top talent.
  • 1-2-1 business back-up networking: Go deeper into the conversation with key intellectual property people, book 1-2-1 meetings in the IPBC Business Booster lounge.

IPBC Global will adopt the All Secure standard so that participants can do business efficiently and network with their peers securely.

The All Secure standard was developed in collaboration by a group comprising industry associations, UFO, AEO and SISO, event planners, a range of event venues, suppliers and with input from health, government and local authorities. .

Registration to IPBC Global is risk-free – If the event does not take place, the registration fee will be fully refundable.

As in previous years, a strict quota system is in place, with attendance limits applying to people working in certain categories of organizations. The limit of IP service providers has already been reached, but there are still places left for lawyers and lawyers in private practice, as well as for NPE executives. There is no quota for intellectual property professionals in business.

To ensure that IPBC Global is on your calendar and that your place is reserved, reserve your place now with confidence and risk-free.

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