NEET 2021: Supreme Court allows OIC candidates to appear as advisers in the general category


The Supreme Court on Thursday adopted an ordinance that will allow candidates of Overseas Indian Citizens (OICs) to participate in the NEET-UG 2021 council in the general category. The court order follows a petition filed by OIC candidates challenging a notification issued by the Home Office to treat them on the same basis as Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) for the purpose of admission to university.

According to a report from Bar and Bench, the court ordered: “We are of the opinion that at least for this academic year 2021-2022, petitioners have the right to be considered for admission to all seats. where OICs were eligible (earlier). This interim order is limited to 2021-2022.

“Therefore, we ask the NTA to declare the result of the examination taken by applicants and eligible applicants are allowed to stand for the board in the general category. This ordinance is limited to the 2021-2022 academic year, ”the magistrate said.

The advocacy pointed out that OICs like the petitioners have had many years of schooling in India and their families live and work in India.

Despite this, they are not allowed to compete with the general pool of candidates and are forced to compete for a very small number of seats reserved for NRIs.

This would mean that they would also have to pay the exorbitant admission fees that come with NRI quota seats, which they cannot afford unlike NRIs whose families live and work in the Global West and have more access. financial resources, depending on the advocacy.

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