QuotaTT will host its annual SheRISES program



WEDNESDAY an intensive three-day program will begin for young people in charge of the St Dominic Children’s Home, as Quota Trinidad and Tobago (QuotaTT) is hosting its SheRISES empowerment initiative for young women and girls.

A statement from QuotaTT said that the economic and psychological impact of the covid19 pandemic will be felt for many years to come, especially for the younger generation.

Jillian Jones-Smith, President of QuotaTT, was quoted in the statement, saying: “As a club, we believe that we can mitigate many negative impacts through stimulating initiatives such as the SheRISES program. We are also aware that the most vulnerable in our society, women and girls, have been negatively affected. “

The initiative helps young women and adolescent girls reach their full potential. The program emphasizes the development of knowledge, skills and attitudes (KSA) in critical aspects of development of life skills, including self-esteem, body image, peer pressure, violence towards women and children, human rights, health, welfare and personal care, encourage the setting of dreams and goals, entrepreneurship and business, communication, leadership and motivation.

Facilitators and storytellers include Charlene Pedro, Engagement Manager, Conventus Consultinc; Gillia Liverpool-Roberts, Senior Consultant of GLR HR Consultancy; Kaylan Bartholomew, health and wellness coach, mindfulness facilitator and yoga teacher; Daren Dhoray, digital anthropologist, cybersecurity evangelist, social media entrepreneur; Dr Safeeya Mohammed, CEO, SISU Global Wellness; Alexandra Stewart, poet and teaching artist; Chantal LaRoche, secretary, QuotaTT; Tameika Fletcher-Birmingham, Owner, Bead Café & Jewelry Designer; and Jennifer Moore, QuotaTT Board Member.

The program is sponsored by the National Lotteries Control Board (NLCB), Flow, Atlantic LNG Company Limited, Unit Trust Corporation and Helen Crawford and Friends.

This initiative supports QuotaTT’s mission to empower disadvantaged women and children and advocate for the deaf and hard of hearing by creating opportunities that develop, grow and change lives, the statement said.

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