Success of pongamia oil as advanced HVO raw material

Global demand for advanced raw materials from sustainable sources is already outstripping supply, with demand for hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO) expected to increase dramatically over the next decade.
There is a clear gap between the current production capacity and the production capacity of HVO under construction and the availability of advanced waste-based raw materials.
Due to this bottleneck, European refiners are currently building a production capacity of HVO three times greater than what can be supported by readily available raw materials.
In the United States, 10 times overcapacity is estimated, which means HVO refiners around the world could face a large-scale shortage.
Controversial palm oil

As companies turn their backs on palm oil in energy applications for sustainability reasons and the EU seeks to gradually limit imports of palm oil effluent (POME), the need for a amplified range of advanced raw material flow is greater than ever.
This is in light of the accelerated decarbonization trajectory of the EU transport sector with the Renewable Energy Directive (RED II) until the 2030s. By 2030, 14% of road transport fuels in Europe should come …

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