Tiger Pistol hires ad industry veteran Donny Dye as senior vice president of sales and marketing


“Donny adds unparalleled value to the Tiger Pistol team with his immense experience in the digital advertising industry, his innovative vision and his ability to foster new relationships,” said Paul Elliott, CEO, Tiger Pistol. “Donny’s greatest strength is his ability to discover and meet the needs and goals of brands with incredible follow-up to ensure their success. “

Prior to joining Tiger Pistol, Donny spent over 6 years at Simpli.fi, as VP of Sales, working with brands and agencies to reinvent media buying with programmatic strategies. With Simplifi acquired, Donny left to found Quota NYC, a company that partners with startups to create sales systems that scale efficiently. Its approach to sales and marketing is founded on the belief that the best innovation happens when technology companies and brands work together to respond to a dynamic market.

“Tiger Pistol is in the unique position of enabling brands to connect with their local partners while allowing buyers to buy the way they want,” said Dye. “Too many times, marketers are told that working with their local partners is too complex or cannot be done. It couldn’t be further from the truth. Not only is this collaboration at the heart of the Tiger Pistol platform, but we also believe it is essential in attracting modern local shoppers who now buy through curbside pickup, in-store, delivery and direct from the brand. . Tiger Pistol gives brands a true local connection to where they are sold and in turn connects to their consumer. just no replacement for this level of collaboration, and the results speak for themselves. “

“Donny is good at building high performance teams and creating new sales opportunities that align with Tiger Pistol’s business goals and contribute to our aggressive growth,” said Elliott. “An enthusiastic and dynamic leader, I am confident Donny will continue to elevate Tiger Pistol’s sales and marketing efforts with strong leadership and innovative problem solving. ”

Since Dye joined the company, Tiger Pistol has already grown its list of corporate brand clients by over 50% and is on track to run over 500,000 collaborative ad campaigns in 2021.

Donny holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration and marketing from University of South Georgia. He lives in New York City with his wife and two children.

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Tiger Pistol, 2020’s most award-winning social advertising platform, makes high-performance collaborative advertising simple and scalable for brands and their channel partners, removing barriers to customer acquisition and sales growth. Tiger Pistol’s Collaborative Advertising Platform ™ uses advanced technology and automation to unite brands with their channel partners (retailers, resellers, agents) to acquire and engage new customers within their local communities. As a long-time Facebook marketing partner, Tiger Pistol is the world’s largest third-party publisher of collaborative social ads, supporting customers in 22 global markets with more than 500,000 campaigns published each year. Learn more by visiting TigerPistol.com, or following Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn.

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