Zimbabwe: NBS launches local transfer service


LEADING financial services provider, National Building Society (NBS), has launched an all-inclusive local remittance product, NBS Instant Cash, which allows bank and non-bank customers to send currency locally at the lowest premiums, thus meeting the needs of the marginalized.

Speaking at the launch ceremony yesterday, NBS Marketing Manager Ms. Mildret Kujinga said the service will bring inclusiveness and make it easy for all customers to send $ 10 per transaction.

She said the service is also helping marginalized societies who have struggled to send money for basic necessities and for daily or household emergencies the amounts of which were beyond their reach.

“In addition to working with international money transfer agencies like Senditoo and WorldRemit, the construction company has added an exciting local transfer product, NBS Instant Cash, to provide world-class services in the transfer space.” Ms. Kujinga said.

She said the construction company is deliberately focusing beyond delivering housing and responding to market demands and ushering in products that disrupt the expectations of their target markets.

“We have a national mandate to provide affordable housing, to build dreams and to build our societies. Therefore, we are continuously deploying innovative ICT-based products to improve the quality of life of Zimbabweans.

Ms Kujinga said that there has been a huge adoption of the new product and that sending or receiving currencies through the NBS Instant Cash platform will create a traceable formal transaction history, even for the informal sector, allowing them to to access various products offered by the institution.

“The promise to the market is that to send or receive currency across Zimbabwe using NBS there will be instant money,” she said.

Instant Cash services are available at NBS branches and authorized agents across the country.

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